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Designated Drinkers Ep. 41 Joe Goes Antiquing


It’s a New Year…with the same old drinkers! In this new episode we talk all nerdy comic book things for DC movies to Marvel Shows to of course Ben Affleck. We our joined by our friend Rob in this bad boy so back and enjoy this episode…oh also we talk about older women.

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Song at the end: Boats ‘N Hoes by Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly from the movie Step Brothers


Designated Drinkers Ep. 40 Our Issues


This is our second episode with Chris Hoy and our other guests.

Song at the beginning: Guile Stage from Street Fighter 2 Turbo by Capcom

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Designated Drinkers Ep. 39 Brown-Eyed Christmas


It’s Chrrrrrristmas…the episode, yet this week is our Christmas episode. We talk a little Christmas, a little bit about the past and a little bit about brown eyes….Merry Christmas!

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Designated Drinkers Ep. 38 Bruce Lee


We have a very special episode this first because it’s the first time we have a “live audience”, second because we have an amazing guest this week Chris Hoy owner of Hoy’s Martial Arts Academy. He shares with us a couple of stories about his life ranging for growing up and how he got into marital arts, to his first time in California, and how he got into Jujitsu. He also talks with us about Bruce Lee and Jeet Kune Do, Chris is a 3rd generation student of Bruce Lee’s. It was such a blast to have him on our show and we want to thank him for coming on and hopeful we can have him on again. Also thanks to the live audience!

 Finally, if you’re in the Cleveland area and want to check out his school and learn from a very knowledgeable man who truly loves and is passionate about what he does you can check out with any of these links.

Hoy's Martial Arts Academy

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Designated Drinkers Ep. 37 Opinions!


 It’s the start of our Christmas month extravaganza we talk…no Christmas but be talk about a lot of other things, from tv shows to football. We start the show off talking about what video games were playing then get into superhero movies being why we go to the cinema now and a new CGI batman anime. We also talk about being writers and some other crazy stuff.

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Bar Talk Ep.1 Puffin Forest Pt.2


 We return for the second half of our interview with Benjamin Scott. For this second half Ben talks about being a biochemist and what made he choose that profession, and a little bit more about his channel. Particularly where the name “Puffin Forest” came from, a little bit about his videos, and tips about making a YouTube channel and his personal experience, we also talk a little bit more about animating.

 Special thanks again to Ben being apart of our first Bar Talk, without you this segment would not exist you were an amazing guest and an awesome individual.

 If you would like to check his Channel “Puffin Forest” to learn more about him and his content the link is here [ ] his video and stories are always entertaining and funny.


Designated Drinkers Ep. 36 Evil Children


   It’s our Thanksgiving/Black Friday episode we talk all things turkey day related, from putting up Christmas decorations to football (fantasy football for us), to the main event Black Friday. We also have a semi-special guest. So, enjoy this week’s episode and enjoy your turkey dinner very one, and remember the Designated Drinkers are only thankful for two things a beer in our hands and our fans.

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Bar Talk Ep.1 Puffin Forest Pt.1


Hey everyone, this is a segment we’re trying called Bar Talk its where we meet new people and talk to them about topics their more knowledgeable about then we are. Today we are talking to Benjamin Scott he has a YouTube channel called Puffin Forest. We talk a little dungeons and dragon and about other RPGs (role playing games) as well, we talk about his YouTube channel and why he got started, and also about making animations for his videos. Note *This is part I of a 2-part interview so stay tuned for part 2*

    Also, special thanks to Ben for joining us for our first Bar Talk. You should also check out his YouTube channel he makes a lot of great personal content thats really funny- Link right here          [ ]


Designated Drinkers Ep. 35 Iron Bite Tyson


This week we started off talking about different beers, then moved to dreams and allergies. At some point we start talking about Marvel's new movie "Thor Ragnarok" and "The Foreigner" with Jackie Chan. Finally, we talk video games specifically the new South Park game "Fractured But Whole" and UFC. *Warning* There are spoilers for all the things I mentioned but we let you know when and where to skip to. 

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Designated Drinkers Ep. 34 Squirreling


On this episode we start our bullshit section talking about our eye, then we get into clothing and fads. Afterward we being talking about a sex position Joe thought of, and hypotheticals.

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