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The Spanglish Episode

One this episode we have Karlo's cousin Solange from Peru, we talk about her experiences here so far, then we talk about white boy summer, video games and dribble gate. 

An Arm and Two Bears

Its been a while but were back in our actual studio recording the podcast ( yes we are all vaccinated) we talk gifts and recently made purchases. We also talk about Karlo's hidden ...

Wine In a Can

The Dynamic Duo is back with another solo episode where they talk about their current Dungeon and Dragons campaign, owning a business in a video game, and Joe tries to sell Karlo o...

The Two Week Curse

This episode turned into a two man show, Karlo and Joe talk about quarantine fatigue, conspiracy theories, and the podcast that gave them Dungeons and Dragons fever. p.s. you shoul...

McDonald's Wi-Fi

We start talking about Godzilla vs Kong, which leads to a discussion on the  Batman vs Superman. Then we get into a video game discussion. *Disclaimer* This episode was actually re...

We talk lackluster triple A titles, VR gaming and the great cookie analogy.

Designated Sharks

We pitch our personal inventions, have a conversation about ethics and being aware of pyramid schemes...they're out there and they want you to sell their coffee.

Designated Raters

We talk  about Mikes addiction, Karlo gets a peloton, and the boys lay the ground work for a new service that will be offered by Designated Drinkers Studios.

Fowl Review Pt.2

We finish talking about the Artemis Fowl book series.

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