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Just a regular episode boys and girls, a little politics, a little business, a little poop...regular.


Chris is back for a second episode, we talk about kids, their parents, and the pope accepting "the gays". 

We have an amazing guest this episode, and we talk about times we got been swindled.

Secret Sonic Episode

Its another anime episode and we listen to sonic music in the background because...THE SONIC MOVIE IS OUT!!! Go watch it...after you listen to the podcast of course.

Yeah this episode is all anime!...Wait! Don't leave we promise this is still a great episode, you'll love it and if you don't blame Joe it was his idea.

Peru was Invader Zim

Barry the hipsters back! Who know all this podcast needed to sound more interesting was to have someone on with a slightly higher IQ then us. 

Barry the Hipster

The boy's get a new guest as Karlo's cousin Barry a Hipster King visits.

I'd Give It a Shot

This week Darien gives it a shot, the boys talk about historically accurate Mulan and talking about the peloton bike leads to snowflakes and the introduction of Karlo Marx.  Outro ...

New Year Who Dis

Its 2020 and dem boyz are back at it a again, it might be a New Year but we haven't changed...maybe not a good thing. YOU BE THE JUDGE LISTENER!!!  Outro Song- Six Friends by Matt ...

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